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Travel Philosophy

Upon returning home from one of our luxury golf packages you will become more conscious and aware of yourself and the many thoughts that flood your brain during a day.  You will have lived that dream of yours to visit that world class destination that also has many amazing activities, sights and restaurants to see.  On the course you will have a clearer understanding of what it takes for yourself to play better and have life time access to our coach shall any questions on your game arise.

Unlike our competitors we believe we’re not the only destination for your luxury golf package.  We’re one of many and you have a choice but we believe our coaching philosophy and Bucket List of tours is what sets us apart.  Here’s why we came up with the idea of blending the two together.

From 20 years of talking golf with others, Jordan has heard “I’d love to play Augusta just once!” plenty enough.  Every player has courses they’d love to play just one time or one event they’d love to attend just once: Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, The Masters and Ryder Cup are just a few examples of the courses and events that have been mentioned toJordantime and time again.

Another thing he’s heard is that golfers never really get a chance to experience local culture.  Often, trips are organized with little to no time for relaxing, enjoying activities or sightseeing.  Balancing playing and the holiday part of a trip is always a tough thing to do, which is why we focus on having one full day off to every round played.  If you’re travelling, you might as well get a holiday out of the deal!

Wanting to find only the best and most positively-reviewed courses was a challenge as there aren’t many great sources for unbiased reviews of courses.  Jordan didn’t want to rely on rankings or images off course websites (let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than booking a tour and playing a few dodgy courses that looked good on their website or were ranked high – I’m sure this has happened to you more than once).

It’s been Jordan’s goal to go beyond those empty online images and rankings to truly find the world’s best courses. Jordan has spent the past three years locked away in our office basement, researching course architecture worldwide and destinations with amazing sights and activities to partake in. This research has enabled him to find destinations that are not only those “one time” courses, but three or more other world class designs.

In essence, Jordan’s created luxury golf holidays that combine the finest in course architecture, embracing the local culture and, of course, the Peerless learning experience.  When you join us for a tour you will have full and free access to Jordan or any of our coaches for a lifetime.  This allows for continuous maintenance checks to make sure you’re continuing on your path to lower scores.

How different is that thought process from every other school out there?  All other schools out there see you once, take your money and say good luck remembering everything they taught you.  This is the curse of knowledge in the flesh and there is no way you’ll remember close to 20% of the stuff you’re taught at a typical three day school.  It’s one a done and we just don’t see the value in that.  Our coaches want to ensure your staying on your path to lower scores by checking in with you or allowing you full time access shall questions arise.

If you have a group that doesn’t want access to our coaches, we would still be pleased to assist you in the booking of your tour.

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So the question begs: what’s on your bucket list? Send us an email, follow us on Twitter or let us know on Facebook.


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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