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Top 10 PGA Tour Par 3 Holes

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I wanted to create this post on the best par 3 holes in golf to generate some discussion. I personally love discussion opinions. Who cares if it’s on the internet or not! I should be honest though, this is just a list of the best 3 shot holes on the PGA Tour.
Top 10 lists are fun because we get to see what others think and let our opinions be known. I did one on the top 10 golf blogs on the internet which you should read if you’re an addict like me. Nothing wrong with golf addiction, is there?
Unless you have been in jail for the last umpteen years, you noticed few notables in there. There is also a couple wildcards. I love wildcards, especially those St. Louis Cardinals! What a World Series eh? Oh right, this is a nerdy golf blog.
The 3rd hole at Greenbrier has might be the coolest green ever! It’s like a mini golf green. At least this way you won’t feel embarrassed bringing your actual putter to the course unlike at mini golf. I can’t be the only one who hates those crappy mini golf putters?!
The course was designed in the 1920’s by C.B. Macdonald with help from Seth Raynor. Like many old courses, they don’t stay the same. Thus a restoration was needed. Lester George did so in 2000 with some help from old photographs. If you’ve watched the Greenbrier tournament the last few years, wouldn’t you agree that he has done a bang up job?
Plainfield hosted this years first round of playoffs and was well received by the players. Probably because they ate the course like it was a steak from Morton’s. By the way, is the steak any good there? The course is a Donald Ross and I really enjoyed what I saw. Particularly the 11th hole and it’s crazy false front, bowl shaped green.
I was reluctant to put the 16th at Scottsdale and17th at Sawgrass on the list because one is average and the other is a gimmick. But there are exciting none the less and filled with drama and entertainment which is what the PGA Tour is all about.
My choice for #1 isn’t a big surprise but I love this hole. When I die, I want someone to attend the Masters and scatter my ashes on the 12th tee box. Major props if you do it while a player is on the tee box! That would make some headlines wouldn’t it? What would Steve Williams do if someone came creeping up with an earn while Scotty was hitting? Ah hell, I’m going to outlive that tool anyways.
Well it seems like I written enough dribble to make this post on the best par 3 holes in golf SEO worthy. The intention of this post is to get other’s opinions. With that said, tell me what you think? Did I miss some holes? Misplace some?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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