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Treating Lower Back Pain For Golfers

by Jordan J. Caron on February 16, 2016

The area of the body that undergoes significant muscular activity during the golf swing is the lower back. Due to this it is the most common site for golf related injury and the need for treatment in golfers. It is likely that the significant activity and repetitive nature of the golf swing are associated with the high rate of injury in golfers .Modifications of the golf swing has been hypothesized to reduce the incidence of low back injury in golfers. Research on various golf swings to evaluate if a different swing will change the incidence of low back injuries in golfers.

Treating lower back pain

Most common method is to visit a Toronto Chiropractor. For relief of pain and to promote healing from golf related lower back issues it is generally advisable to rest for a day or two. Apply heat and/ or ice and and take pain medications as necessary. Medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen can help reduce inflammation and acetaminophen may be taken in conjunction with these medications to help further reduce low back pain. The pain may be so uncomfortable that you seek medical treatment in which case you will be given prescriptions and will temporarily mask the pain. Pain is the body’s way of sending you a message, treating the cause of the pain might be a better choice. Massage by a registered massage therapist will loosen your muscles and increase blood flow. The increased blood flow to the area of muscle pain provides relief and can help heal the pain faster.

Exercise for low back pain

It is generally not advisable to further stress the inflamed muscles by continuing to play golf through an episode of low back pain. Taking time off will allow the muscles to rest and heal much quicker by not aggravating the injury further. Continuing to stretch between golf sessions is advisable as is continuing a low impact aerobic exercise program such as walking 30 to 40 minutes every other day. After low back pain has stopped slowly return to playing golf and apply the preventative suggestions to help avoid further occurrences. Stretching before and after a round of golf will help maintain flexibility and even more important to individuals who have experienced lower back pain associated with golf. With any sport or activity that involves strain on an area of muscles on the body reinjury is a possibility. If a stretching program is not maintained on a daily basis the resulting loss in flexibility will lead to further low back pain. Taking a few minutes and getting in the good habit of stretching will allow the golfer to continue to play golf uninterrupted by dealing with golf related injuries.

If you live in the Toronto area, visit Pacific Wellness Institute’s chiropractic care service.


Golf Tournament Software To Make Your Life Easier

by Jordan J. Caron on November 21, 2014

Tournamatic   Tournament Software as a Service

Are you about to host a golf tournament and in need of software to help make your life easier? Well Tournamatic is here to do just that.

As a former golf professional I know that organizing a golf tournament requires a lot of time. Many hours are required to take care of all the details. From setting up entry forms, getting sponsors to doing all the scoring and handing out prizes. I played a lot of amateur golf events this year and thanked each and every tournament organizer for all their hard work. In one of the events I knew the organizer. He had been running the the tournament for five years. This past summer was his final year. When talking to him he said he was burnt out and tired of donating so much of his time.

As technology advances, so do the software pieces that can help with organizing golf tournaments. But none of them can compete with Tournamatic. I’m going to list the two best features.

#1 – Web Based, No Downloads

All other golf tournament hosting software are just that, downloadable software. This means you have the use the same computer to organize your tournament. What if you only have a desktop computer and need to do scoring? Are you going to haul your desktop down to the course to enter scores? That doesn’t sound like fun!

Tournamatic is a web based application. What does that mean? It means you can access your tournament page from any computer as long as you can connect to the internet. Here’s how that works. So you create a tournament on Tournamatic’s website. You are giving a webpage http://yourtournament.tournamatic.com. That webpage is where you do all the work. People sign up there, you post tee times and scoring results. It acts as a hub and community for your tournament. How awesome is that?!

#2 – Collect Payments Easier

Do you hate having to run to the bank? Of course you do. That’s why online banking and interac transfers are so popular. Well, running to the bank to cash cheques for golfers registering for your tournament is a pain too. You won’t have to do that anymore and Tournamatic has payment processing through Stripe to make things easier.

Stripe works like Paypal. People can pay if they have a credit card and no account. So when they sign up they pay Stripe with their credit card. Stripe takes that payment and enters the money into your account. You then connect your tournament bank account to your Stripe account and transfer funds when you need to. No more trips to the bank to cash all those cheques. If you have over 100 golfers in your tournament, that can add up to five or six trips to the bank.

Plus, you want to make sure people pay when they sign up so you have money in your tournament bank account to purchase prizes and food.

I’m going to talk about more features about the golf tournament software Tournamatic in the future. So stay tuned for those!


Getting Your Golf Clothes Altered

by Jordan J. Caron on November 7, 2014

I had a big problem a couple of weeks back. My golf clothes didn’t fit and I needed Victoria Alterations to help me out!

You see, back at the end of June I was tipping the scale at 210 lbs!

I hadn’t been that heavy since 2006. I knew I needed to do something. My weight had gotten out of control thanks to the Christmas Holidays followed by a trip to Hawaii in January. There was lots of drinking and poor eating habits occurring during those two periods.

Squash was my answer to my weight problems. Or so I thought. After five months of playing regularly, my weight hadn’t budged. How could that be?

Without being able to find out the answer, I sought out the help of a personal trainer and nutrionist at my gym. Soon into our initial conversation it was made very clear why I hadn’t dropped any weight despite playing all that squash.

It was because even though I thought I was eating healthy, I was eating far too many calories in a day. My cobb salad was loaded with bacon, avocado and chicken which was driving up my calorie intake for the day. Plus, it was summer and my drinking had picked up. Beer is a calorie machine!

So based on how much I wanted to lose, my personal trainer suggested I get on a daily diet of eating 1600 calories a day. I was clearly eating close to double that per day.

Since June it’s been difficult to strictly stick to this new diet and calorie intake. But I’ve done a damn good job. As of yesterday morning I was down to 185 lbs! That’s 25 lbs lighter since the end of the June.

I jokingly sent a text to my personal trainer and how I had a serious issue. That issue? None of my clothes fit me anymore!

That’s when he suggested I go see Victoria Alterations and Tailoring to get my clothes altered. They were after all in very good shape and I didn’t want to buy new clothes. I had already spent a thousand dollars on the training sessions and didn’t want to have to buy a new wardrobe.

But thanks to the fine folks at Victoria Alterations, I was able to keep my wardrobe only having to pay very little for them to bring in all my clothes.

Now I can still look good on the golf course and field all the compliments from my friends telling me I look great!


Can Rory McIlroy join the all-time greats list?

by Jordan J. Caron on November 7, 2014


Image Courtesy of TourProGolfClubs

If there’s one current golfer in the world who has the potential, at least, to join the list of the greatest golfers ever to have walked the world’s fairways, then it’s surely the young Ulsterman, Rory McIlroy.

But to get there – he has to win the Masters at least once.

McIlroy has already managed to do what only two other golfers have ever managed in winning three different Major championships by the young age of 25. And when you consider who those other two golfers were – you quickly understand why Rory McIlroy really could join the list of all-time greats. That’s because they were Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

Now these two men have own more Majors than any other players. The Golden Bear won a record 18 Majors titles during his long career – and remains four ahead of Tiger Woods. Perhaps what is even more impressive still is that Nicklaus also finished runner-up on no less than 19 separate occasions in Majors – a truly unbelievable record of 37 wins or seconds across 24 golden years of Major-winning golf at the top of his game between 1962 when he won the US Open and 1986 when he won his sixth Masters aged 46. In doing so – Nicklaus became the oldest-ever winner at Augusta, and the second-oldest victor in any Major (and for the record, the oldest ever was Julius Boros, who won the PGA in 1968 aged 48). This remarkable last win also gave Jack Nicklaus a record setting six Masters wins.

So Nicklaus must surely go down in history as the greatest player ever to swing a golf club. His overall record will surely never be equaled. And though the modern game is very different to the days in which Jack plied his trade, thanks mainly to changing technology in both the design of the golf clubs and, even more to the point, the technology associated with golf balls, his overall record remains completely peerless.

But there is one player who could catch him and that is, of course, Tiger Woods. Tiger needs four more Majors to equal Nicklaus’s record and he might just get them. Jack Nicklaus himself is on record as saying that he thinks Woods will equal his 18-Major feat. But if he is to do so – he’d better get going quickly. The plain truth is that Tiger Woods hasn’t managed to win a Major for over six years. For his last Major win, we have to go all the way back to the 2008 US open at Torrey Pines in LaJolla, California, when Tiger won by beating fellow American Rocco Mediate in an absolutely thrilling play-off.

So both Woods and Nicklaus have achieved career Grand Slams – winning all four Majors at different times. And in fact – they’ve both managed this remarkable feat three times over! During the modern era, no player has ever managed to achieve a season Grand Slam and, it has to be said, it seems highly unlikely that any player will achieve this. So when you think that Tiger Woods almost managed it – winning the four Majors consecutively in 2000-2001 (though they weren’t in the same calendar year) it’s an unbelievable feat.

So where does this leave us with Rory McIlroy? Well it has to be said it’s highly unlikely that he’ll get anywhere near Tiger Woods’ overall record, let alone the Golden Bear’s. His achievements so far at such a young age have already been remarkable; but quite simply, the odds don’t favor him catching Woods. So far, McIlroy has managed to win an Open Championship (at Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula) in England this summer along with two PGAs (the second coming this year) and the US Open of 2011 – his inaugural Major when aged just 22.

So now – he would dearly love to add a Green Jacket from Augusta to his list of credits. And currently – the market expects him to do exactly that. At the time of writing, Rory McIlroy is a short-priced 9/2 favorite with the betting exchange Betfair to win the 2015 golf Masters tournament.

It’s not surprising that he’s favorite of course. Currently, McIlroy is rated the top golfer in the world by quite a distance. And it would be no huge surprise to see him win the one missing Major that many of us regard as the ultimate test in golf.

When you think about the Masters compared with the other three Majors – it’s an entirely different proposition. For a start, the event is played on the same course every year – obviously. Now this tends to help iron out the kinks in the game a little more and enables the cream to rise to the top. This is self –evident when you look at the all-time list of Masters winners – you’ll find the following names on top of that list: Jack Nicklaus clear of the pack with six wins (in 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, and 1986), followed by the great Arnold Palmer with four wins to his credit (in 1958, 1960, 1962, and 1964) and Tiger Woods also on four wins so far (achieved in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2005).

What’s more, the conditions at Augusta each April tend, nine times out of ten, to be more or less perfect for target golf. Of course, the famous Bermuda Grass also helps – but these factors combine to make it a true test of target golf ability. And for some lovers of golf – notably in the US – this is the kind of golf we really want to see. And that, in turn, is because we want to see the best players winning the best tournaments.

At the other tournaments such as the British Open (and particularly when it’s held at links courses in Scotland, for example) the weather and wind can really get up. This kind of golf has its own unique charm, no doubt, but it brings a far greater element of good fortune into things. It also favors those golfers who are experienced in – or who simply like such conditions. But it isn’t for everyone.

So coming back to Rory McIlroy, maybe his game just doesn’t really suit Augusta? And harsh though this may sound – if you can’t win a career Grand Slam of golf, you probably don’t belong on the all-time list of greats. Rory McIlroy’s best showing at Augusta so far actually came in this year’s Masters when he tied for eighth place in an event won by Bubba Watson.

This was a hugely disappointing performance by the young man’s own exactingly high standards – but it’s still difficult to see him really coming in his own in Georgia in the spring given his experience there so far.

Let’s hope we’re completely wrong about this and let’s hope the young man truly lives up to his pre-tournament favoritism and fulfils his potential to join the all-time greats.

So who are the golfers, exactly, that have managed this career Grand Slam?

Well in addition to the afore-mentioned Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, the other players on this exclusive list are Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, and Gary Player. So when you think about the great golfing names from the past who haven’t achieved this particular feat, it gives you some idea of just how difficult this is. For example, there is no place on this list for golfers such as Walter Hagen, Harry Vardon, Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson or Seve Ballesteros.

So what do you think – will Rory McIlroy become the latest member of this exclusive club any time soon?


Rory McIlroy
Image courtesy Flickr.

For those of you who are in the loop with major worldwide golf – you will know exactly what kind of stellar year Rory McIlroy is currently enjoying. For those of you who don’t however, well, you should take notice, because it is the kind of success story most aspiring golfers should get on board with.

After a far from impressive stint between the latter stages of 2012 and throughout 2013, Rory is now finally enjoying his golf again. But before we detail exactly why any prospective golfers should be looking up to the man from Northern Ireland at this current moment in time, let’s take a quick look at just how much of a turnaround the 25-year-old has enjoyed.

After rounding off 2012 in stunning style with a Race to Dubai triumph – ensuring he matched Luke Donald’s efforts of the previous year in securing victory in both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, his 2013 began, continued and ended in a whimper. In fact, if you had looked for his name in any of the sports news and betting sections around that time – such as http://www.bet365.com/news/en/betting – you likely wouldn’t have found him! Of course, nowadays punters never fail to enjoy a wager on McIlroy as he transformed himself into a household name.

Equipment changes and off the green issues – one of the being a dispute over the aforementioned club changes – saw McIlroy go through 2013 with just the Emirates Australian Open to celebrate, however upon his return to golf in 2014, it seemed that we were witnessing the return of the old Rory.

Initial signs were shown in January, when a two shot penalty was the only thing between him and the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, although the penalty was largely considered to be the result of harsh ruling, rather than a mistake on his part.

In March Rory lost a playoff for the Honda Classic, but again, the overall performance was promising and at Wentworth, England, he finally conjured up a winning effort. A stunning final day round of 66 took him past the previous leader Thomas Bjorn and into first place, before he followed the win up with success at The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool – seeing off Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia in a play-off to do so.

It was at this moment that Rory was truly back to his best and he has since gone on to win other major events and reclaim his spot as world number one in the rankings. The ability to turn around such a lacklustre year not only in his golfing career, but with his personal and private life considering the off the green incidents he was dealing with is simply remarkable.

It is the kind of feel-good story that shows to young, aspiring golfers – and sportsmen and women in general – that no matter what the setback, it is important to tough it out and keep giving 100%. If you keep doing so for long enough, you will eventually be rewarded.



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The Laws of Attraction in Golf

June 7, 2014

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Golf continues to miss injured Tiger

May 13, 2014

With the world of golf continuing to miss Tiger Woods, the world number one has admitted he is still unsure as to when he will be able to return from his latest injury setback. The 14-time major winner has been sidelined for over a month after being forced to pull out of April’s Masters with […]

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Golf Etiquette

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Every Golfers Best Friend

April 18, 2014

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