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If You Don’t Do This Before Your Round, You’re Doomed

by Jordan J. Caron on April 6, 2014

I’ve just recently started to play more and more golf now as the weather has been great in my hometown of Victoria BC. But as I’ve been playing more, my back has gotten very stiff and sore during and after rounds.

It reminded me of why I had to take some time of golf. I had been playing golf for almost 20 years and my back was wearing down. I tried every treatment under the sun. Chiropractic care, acupuncture and physiotherapy from the fine professionals at Cook Street Village Health Centre.

I found the chiro treatments to help for a small period of time but then my back would just get screwed up again. Golf is probably the worst sport for one’s back due to the violent force of a golf swing. But I found the physiotherapy care to have the most benefits. Well, that and playing a lot of squash over the winter.

Those two things alone have helped big time but I still get a sore back before the round. And it didn’t take long to figure out why.

I wasn’t stretching before or after my rounds.

Don’t Doom Your Rounds By Not Stretching

Personally, if your warm up session doesn’t include a good 5-10 minutes stretch, your golf game is going to be doomed to stiff swings and a sore back.

Thankfully I remembered the exercises to strengthen my core and the stretches Craig Babiuk who is a physiotherapist in Victoria BC gave me.

I wanted to share with you a few of those but I don’t have the time to create a video. Thankfully someone on YouTube already has. This is a short video with many of the stretches Craig gave me.

By stretching before and after a round, you will help yourself in the long run. Your back will be engaged at the start of your round and it shouldn’t stiffen up during the round. If it does, drop a towel down on the ground and do the stretches in the video below.



Having a Range Finder Is A Must For Your Confidence

by Jordan J. Caron on March 31, 2014

On Friday I was out playing with my friend who owns Reel Obsession Sport Fishing. He’s not much of a golfer but when we do play he likes to be very precise.

That’s why he bought a range finder. I haven’t talked at all about how a range finder can benefit your golf game and help you shoot lower scores. But it can. And here is why.

We were on the 17th hole and his approach shot was short of the green. Since I play entirely off feel, I never pay attention to what my yardage is inside of 100 yards. I play off feel.

So I blurted out what I thought the yardage was.

“65 yards” I said.

“Not even close! 45!” was the answer from his range finder. I was so off.

This got me thinking to how beneficial range finders are.

I’m not talking about GPS systems here because I believe they are not exact. They are always going to be a few yards off. I learnt this while working at Bear Mountain Golf Course. We had GPS systems on the carts. But we had to set the pin locations manually and no matter what, they were always going to be a few yards off.

So I’m not big on them. Instead, grab a range finder. Why?

Because you use the laser to zero in on the top of a flag stick, bunker or tree to give you an exact yardage.

This alone can help you feel far more comfortable over a shot. Let’s use the example of the shot my friend had from 45 yards.

If he doesn’t know that yardage, he is guessing how far that is and already feels less confident over the shot. This less confident feeling comes from the fact that he could hit a great shot but because he doesn’t know the yardage, it might not be as close as it should if he did know the yardage.

Golf is a game a confidence and if you don’t feel confident over a shot, the chances of you hitting a great shot are very low.

Once he get’s a range finder, he will know that yardage. And when he does, he’ll feel confident that all he has to do is hit the shot and not have to worry about it coming up short of going long.

So go out and invest the money into your golf game and get a range finder. It will help eliminate any doubt and give you more confidence that you have the proper club and yardage.

Also, if you are looking for a good Vancouver Island Fishing Charter, check out my friends company Reel Obsession Sport Fishing.



Golf Etiquette For Smokers

by Jordan J. Caron on March 29, 2014

electronic-cigarettes-canadaI was playing golf yesterday for the first time in months. It was great to get out on the course. I played really good too which always adds to a round with good people on a warm and sunny spring day.

There was something the disturbed me on the 6th green however. It’s something that I’ve seen far too many times on a golf course. So today is the day I can hopefully put and end to this.

Smoking on a golf course is fair game. In a few ways it can help calm your nerves and maybe even help you focus more. But you should read the rest of my blog if you’re smoking to achieve those two things.

But please do not leave your butts on the course. Someone had left a cigarette butt on the 6th green. It really pissed me off.

If you are going to smoke on the course please put your butts in the garbage can and keep them off fairways, greens and tee boxes.

Another option is to buy electronic cigarettes in Canada. Doing so you won’t have to deal with cigarette butts anymore.

Luckly enough I have never picked up smoking. My parents use to back in the day but not after they had me. I was lucky too as none of my friends grew up smoking. So I never really had a chance to try a few and get addicted.

Well, there was a trip to France were I smoked about a pack the entire trip. If I was to smoke again, I would probably go with Rare Air Cigs and go electronic. And if you play golf and smoke on the course, you should think about buying from them too. You won’t litter the course with butts and annoy golfers behind you.


Stay Agressive in Golf

by Jordan J. Caron on March 14, 2014

Back in 2010 PGA Tour member Robert Garrigus held a 3 shot lead standing on the 72nd hole of the ST Jude Classic.

He only needed a double bogey to win. So he had plenty of wiggle room to win his first event on Tour. But pressure is a crazy thing and it sometimes makes you think not so clearly.

Remember Jean Van De Velde at the Open Championship in 1999? He thought he could hit a ball out of the burn. Crazy!

The same can be said of Garrigus. His golf strategy on the hole was awful and I will talk about his club selection as well as the way his mind took over.

Playing It Safe

When a player has a lead on the final hole of a tournament and and can make a bogey or worse, they think playing safe is the way to go. I’d not a huge fan of this.

Here’s why.

Staying aggressive and playing the hole as if you needed to make par to win will yield better results. Playing passive will really compound errors on bad swings if they occur. And bad swings under pressure will occur,

Club Selection

For Robert he decided to hit a hybrid off the tee. Although hybrids are really easy to hit, his best chance for error with a club is still a driver because of it’s bigger head. And especially on a hole with water along the left side.

If he hit a driver to the right, he’d be find. If he hits the ball left and it enters the hazard, it does much further down and he is able to drop in a position where he can hit a shot close to the green. With his hybrid shot into the hazard, he had to drop much further back and in a spot where the trees left of the hazard were in play.

Take a look at the image below to see what I mean.

18th Hole @ TPC Southwind

Here is an angle from ground level.

Ground level view

Ground level view

This is if he makes a bad swing with his driver and hits it left into the winter. Missing left in the water on this hole is the worst case scenario. And a worst case scenario with a driver in the water yields a far better drop spot. From there he could have easily hit the green with his third shot.

I asked a few students at a Tampa Bay Golf School after what club they’d hit. Many said hybrid or 3 iron. If you can put three good swings on a middle iron under pressure and make a bogey, then by all means do so.

But the odds are much better of making a bogey by hitting a driver off the tee and staying aggressive. If you hit one in the water, you can still make a bogey by hitting your 3rd shot on the green. If you happen to hit a poor 6 iron and end up in the water, you’ll be in the same position as Robert above faced with a tough 3rd shot that will not get you to the green because your drop is so far back.

It boils down to which club you have the most confidence with. Drivers are bigger and have the largest sweet spot. This makes the errors from bad swings much greater than the smaller heads of hybrids and irons.

Mind Games

When under pressure, the mind takes over. Instead of thinking positive and making good swings while trying to make a par for the hole, you’ll be thinking about all the worst possible outcomes for each shot . All your trying to do is make a bogey or whatever the highest possible score you can make on the hole is. These negative thoughts will hurt you once you put a bad swing on a shot and a bad outcome occurs. From there your mind and heart rate will speed up and what Johnny Miller refers to as “choking” will happen.

A way to overcome “choking” is to breath deep, drink water and stay positive. It also helps to put this it retrospect to relieve pressure from yourself.

“Will my family still love me after this hole regardless of what happens?”

“Will I wake up tomorrow the same way I always have if something bad occurs?”

In the grand scheme of things, playing great and winning a event shouldn’t be so important. This game is full of regrets but it’s learning how to forget about them that makes you truly great. Phil Mickelson is a great example of this. If he dwelled upon all his close calls in the Majors, he may not have won his 4th green jacket in 2010.

So stay agreesive instead of passive and take your mind off choking by using the mental game tips ahead.

If you are in Tampa Bay and need help with your mental game, check out Get Golf Schools.


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by Jordan J. Caron on February 24, 2014

Here’s some cool information on the FedEx cup trophy itself. It’s hard to believe we’re almost in March and the winner will be awarded in September.

FedExCup: PGA  Golf Trophy
Produced by Aford Awards a UK manufacturer of golf trophies as well
as other glass sporting trophies.


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