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The Laws of Attraction in Golf

by Jordan J. Caron on June 7, 2014

What your mind thinks often comes true. Not just in golf but every day life. For the sake of this post I will talk about golf.

I have long been a believer in positive thinking on the golf course. When I was growing up I was envision playing a big round the night before but visualizing myself hitting solid shots. More often than not I would go out and hit those shots on the golf course the next day.

This brings us to present day and I still try and help the people I play with buy into this concept of positive thinking. It’s basically the laws of attraction for golf.

Yesterday was a great example.

The third hole on my home golf course is a long par 4 with a road on the left hand side. There is maybe 10 yards of rough between the road and fairway. So it can get tight. But there is lots of room to bail out to the other side of the hole.

As my group was approaching the tee we noticed a lady walking a dog. She owned a dog walking Victoria BC company and had about 7 dogs on a leash. As we walked by her one of the guys in my group said, I sure hope I don’t hit one on the road and end up hitting her or her dogs.

Right away his mind was thinking about hitting a bad shot onto the road. I had to get him to change his mindset and to think more positive. So I asked him what he saw to the opposite side of the road.

“A giant, wide open fairway” was his reply.

“Perfect! Now hit it there” I replied back.

Now his mind was thinking about the wide open fairway and not the road. Quite a drastic change from thinking about hitting it on the road and hurting someone.

Usually what happens is that when you get negative thoughts in your mind, you end up making a fearful swing. You’re fearful of what might go wrong rather than thinking positively and excited about what will go right with the shot and swing.

It’s a very small yet major shift in thinking.

The first step is to be aware of your negative thoughts. When you notice them, think about hitting a good shot. Now this isn’t going to cure you and make you hit amazing shots from here on out. But it will give you a better chance to hit great shots.

The next step is simply play a round keeping score of when you noticed your negative thoughts and changed your mindset to a positive one. You can read more about keeping score in golf here.

Back to my example. Where do you think the shot of my playing partner ended up?

If you said in the fairway you were right!

He was able to avoid the Victoria dog walking lady and hit his drive in the fairway.

So next time you are playing golf, think of the laws of attraction and filling your mind with positive thoughts before you swing the club.



Golf continues to miss injured Tiger

by Jordan J. Caron on May 13, 2014

With the world of golf continuing to miss Tiger Woods, the world number one has admitted he is still unsure as to when he will be able to return from his latest injury setback. The 14-time major winner has been sidelined for over a month after being forced to pull out of April’s Masters with a back injury, missing the first major of the season for the first time in his career following surgery at the end of March.

While the surgery was successfully performed in Utah by neurosurgeon Dr Charles Rich, Woods has been told he still has a significant spell of rest and rehabilitation before he will be able to return to the course. With a recover time from similar operations is around the three to four month mark, Tiger is hoping to be back in time for the Open Championship and the U.S. Open this summer – not the mention September’s Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

“As I’ve said several times, I hope to be back sometime this summer, but I just don’t know when. I’m doing everything I can and listening to my doctors and working on a strength program, and then we just have to see how my back is,” said Woods when asked about his injury.

“There’s the Greenbrier Classic [to look forward to] and the Open Championship, and of the course the U.S. Open is about six weeks away. You can understand why I want to hurry up and get better. I’d also like to play in the FedExCup Playoffs and the Ryder Cup.”

Woods has been struggling with his back since the end of last year, and the injury was a key factor behind the American’s lacklustre start to 2014. While missing a significant part of the season will be a blow to the 38-year old, there is a good chance it will mean Woods will be able to return to the course fully fit and refreshed ahead of an important few months this summer.

This back injury is the latest in a number of fitness issues to have plagued Woods’ career over the past six years, with a knee injury in 2008 the first of a series of injuries that have included an Achilles problem and culminated in this latest back complaint. But after coming back so many times before, there won’t be many writing off Tiger when he finally does return to action this summer. And with so much left to play for in 2014, Woods will surely still be very much in the minds of those who bet on golf when it comes to the remaining majors this season.

While Tiger’s place at the top of the golf rankings could be in threat from the likes of Adam Scott, Henrik Stenson and recent Masters champion Bubba Watson, the golfing world will be continue to eagerly await the return of the game’s true king before a busy second half of 2014. With three majors, the FedExCup and the Ryder Cup still left to come this season, Woods will know the importance of making sure he is fully recovered from this injury before making his return to the course


Golf Etiquette

by Jordan J. Caron on May 8, 2014

Are you new to golf and wonder what the proper golf etiquette is? It can be intimidating having never played the game before. Especially since there are so many rules and of course the etiquette.

This blog post idea came to me when I recently met Jayson Postle at a local young entrepreneurs mixer, he started White Lotus DJ & Events, a Victoria DJ Company. We were talking about my career and when I told him I use to teach golf lessons in Victoria. He mentioned that he had never played golf but always wanted to.

I told him I’d take him out for a round at my home course. A few days before hand he asked me what the standard golf etiquette was. I sent him an email with the standard golf etiquette.

My goal is to make your feel comfortable on the golf course just like Jasyon. If you are like him and have never played or have played before but are looking for how to behave on the course, this post is for you. You could be playing for fun or trying to impress your boss. No matter the case this blog post will provide you with it all.

#1 Dress Proper

Always wear a collard shirt and tuck it into your shorts or pants. Sloppy or baggy cargo shorts are acceptable on almost all golf courses but I avoid them. Instead wear a nice khaki sort and not a sport short. As for pants, don’t wear jeans but wear khaki pants or dress pants and you’ll be ok.

When in doubt, call the golf course ahead to find out what their dress code is.

#2 Course Care

It’s best to always leave the course in better shape then when you played it. So rake all sand traps, replace divots and repair ball marks on the greens. If you happen to make spike marks on the greens, tab them down.

#3 Group Play

When you play your round chances are good you’ll joined up with someone you don’t know. This is where you must be very quiet and aware of where you are standing.

Always be quiet before someone is about to hit. And never move during their swing. Also be sure to never stand behind someone when they are hitting. On the putting green be sure not to stand in their through line. This means don’t stand behind the hole directly in their line of sight.

Pace of play is key so always be ready to hit. No more than 40 seconds should elapse after someone has hit a shot. In the fairway you must try and walk to your ball and be ready to hit right after the person before.

On the green the furthest away putts first. To speed up play be sure to putt our your ball until it’s in the hole.

These three areas and all the tips will help you better understand golf etiquette and prepare for your next round.

If you have any questions, let me know the comments below.


Every Golfers Best Friend

by Jordan J. Caron on April 18, 2014

With Tiger Woods recent surgery for his back and absence from last weeks Masters, it reminds of this:

Golf puts a lot of stress on your back.

Speaking of the Masters, what did you think? Without Tiger in the mix Augusta just wasn’t the same. So here’s to wishing Tiger a healthy and speedy recovery.

Back to your back. The swing itself is the biggest culprit of pain and tension on the back. The sheer motion and speed of the swing torque the back and put a lot of stress on the spine.

I’ve been playing the game for 20 years and don’t know how much longer I will get to play the game. I love it so much and can’t imagine not playing it.

That’s why last month I started to think about my golf longevity. I’ve started to stretch more before and after my round. This is because I want to become more fit for golf.

But no matter how much your stretch and work on your fitness like me, you’re going to need a new best friend as a golfer.

Who is this best friend?

A Victoria Chiropractor is who.Visiting them once or twice a month will help relive some of the stress your golf swing puts on your back. For me this has worked really well the last few weeks.

Now you might be asking what does this have to do with golf instruction? Well for me, anything that can help you put better swings on the ball can only help your golf scores and since scores are related to golf instruction, that’s how this is related.

I see so many golfers make bad swings due to a number of issues. One of those issues is a tight back. Well, seeing a chiropractor monthly can help ease that tight back and help you make better golf swings.

As for the other swing issues, you have to read my blog of course!

Until next time, make your new best friend a chiropractor.


If You Don’t Do This Before Your Round, You’re Doomed

by Jordan J. Caron on April 6, 2014

I’ve just recently started to play more and more golf now as the weather has been great in my hometown of Victoria BC. But as I’ve been playing more, my back has gotten very stiff and sore during and after rounds.

It reminded me of why I had to take some time of golf. I had been playing golf for almost 20 years and my back was wearing down. I tried every treatment under the sun. Chiropractic care, acupuncture and physiotherapy from the fine professionals at Cook Street Village Health Centre.

I found the chiro treatments to help for a small period of time but then my back would just get screwed up again. Golf is probably the worst sport for one’s back due to the violent force of a golf swing. But I found the physiotherapy care to have the most benefits. Well, that and playing a lot of squash over the winter.

Those two things alone have helped big time but I still get a sore back before the round. And it didn’t take long to figure out why.

I wasn’t stretching before or after my rounds.

Don’t Doom Your Rounds By Not Stretching

Personally, if your warm up session doesn’t include a good 5-10 minutes stretch, your golf game is going to be doomed to stiff swings and a sore back.

Thankfully I remembered the exercises to strengthen my core and the stretches Craig Babiuk who is a physiotherapist in Victoria BC gave me.

I wanted to share with you a few of those but I don’t have the time to create a video. Thankfully someone on YouTube already has. This is a short video with many of the stretches Craig gave me.

By stretching before and after a round, you will help yourself in the long run. Your back will be engaged at the start of your round and it shouldn’t stiffen up during the round. If it does, drop a towel down on the ground and do the stretches in the video below.



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March 31, 2014

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March 29, 2014

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More On The FedEx Cup Trophy

February 24, 2014

Here’s some cool information on the FedEx cup trophy itself. It’s hard to believe we’re almost in March and the winner will be awarded in September. Produced by Aford Awards a UK manufacturer of golf trophies as well as other glass sporting trophies.

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Can Tiger Win Another Major

February 19, 2014

To say Tiger Woods is a big name in golf is an understatement. He’s already got 14 Majors under his belt, and he’s only 36 this year. However, it was six years ago that he last won a Major, and the big question is whether he’ll be able to get his form back enough to […]

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