The Best Warm Up Stretches for Golfers

by Melinda Bailey on September 4, 2013

Most athletes know that warming up your muscles before competing in a sport is critical, both for performance and to prevent injury. While many people may believe that you do not need to warm up for golf, this is simply not true. Not only does warming up prepare the body for peak performance, but it also gets blood moving to the brain for better concentration. Here are some key points you should incorporate in your warm up routine.

Stretch your quads

Pull your foot up and hold as close to your bottom as possible and in a place that is pulling your quadriceps muscles, but not hurting them. Repeat on your other leg. This will help your stride and help prevent injury. Furthermore, cramping and aches that often develop during rigorous exercise, or a long walk on the greens, are more likely to be averted.

Stretch your hip flexors

Getting in a low lunge position, rolling your hips under, and pulling forward slightly with the bent leg (the one in front of your body). Switch legs, putting your other leg in the forward, bent position and puling forward gently. Strong hip flexors are vital for good performance, allowing for more powerful leg movements and knee drives. They also prevent injury of the hamstrings, serving as brakes for powerful movement.

Practice makes perfect

Practice your putting game and your long shots. Every professional golfer, from Tiger Woods and Rory McIlory to Paula Creamer and Christie Kerr, makes sure to do this before any golf game or tournament that they play in. This is such a simple warm-up exercise that many golfers simply overlook. You can work out kinks in your swing before the game and prevent some embarrassing first shots.

Stretch the neck

Golfers are often prone to neck injuries. Perhaps it’s due to their shank shots forcing them to turn their neck from peripheral vision. To avoid being the next victim, relax your neck by stretching it on both sides. Do this by tilting your head to the left, towards your left shoulder and pulling your right arm down. Hold for a bit, then relax. Repeat but switch to your right side and pull your left arm down.

Get your blood moving

Run, skip, jog, hop, or do another dynamic, aerobic exercise to get your blood flowing to your muscles. You can limit this to only a few minutes if you prefer or are unable to carry out such an accident for a long period of time. This doesn’t just help with getting your body physically ready but mentally prepared as well. More blood pressure improves your concentration.

Professional golfers spend up to an hour or more stretching, warming up their short- and long-games, and prepping to get ready for their game. Experiment with what you like, explore and see what works best for you. Soon enough you’ll have your lucky routine in place for your best games. By using these simple warm-up exercises, you will likely be able to play better from the first hole rather than hitting your stride at the forth, fifth, or sixth hole.

Melinda Bailey

Melinda Bailey is an avid golfer and writer for 9 & Dine Women’s Golf Apparel. You can connect with Melinda via Twitter @9Dine.

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