How To Play Better Golf In The Rain

by Todd Mahovlich on September 25, 2013

Rain Golf

How to play better golf in the rain

September is almost over. My envision of an Indian Summer here in Canda has not come to fruition.

Disappointing.  What’s worse is that we’ve seen a lot of rain.

My job as one of Victoria BC Real Estate Agents keeps me busy during the summer. So September is usually my month to golf. And Iv’e been out a few times.

But it’s hard to shot a good score in the rain. And that’s why I thought I would contact Jordan about writing this blog post

Before I was a Victoria BC realtor, I was a PGA of Canada Golf Professional like Jordan. I still enjoy helping golfers improve their games. Thus why I am blogging today. I want to help those of you who plan to play fall and winter golf.

How To Play Better Golf In The Rain

1) Embrace and play in the rain as much as you can

When I was younger and wanting to be a great player, I would play as much as I could.  This meant that when the rains came, I was out on the course regardless of how bad the weather was.  It was perfect because it really helped my tournament rounds because I had so much experience playing in it.

Another reason I liked it was because no one else was on the course and it was easier to practice on the course.

2) Invest in Good Rain Gear

It’s pretty simple but not many people have the the proper rain gear.  You need water proof rain jacket and pants if you have any hope of staying dry.  Take a look below at Foot Joys jackets and pants as they are the best company for price and quality of rain gear.

Footjoy Rain Gear

Footjoy Rain Gear

Footjoy Rain Gear

Footjoy Rain Gear

Footjoy Rain Gear

Footjoy Rain Gear

You will also need an umbrella to keep your bag and clubs dry. It’s important to focus on keeping the grips dry. When you hit a shot, be sure to put the umbrella on top of your golf bag so it stays nice and dry.

Also keep your towel in the spokes of the umbrealla. When you take a club out you can then wipe it down using your dry towel that is hanging nicely under the umbrella! See the picture below for an idea of how to keep the towel dry.

Another great tip for keeping your grips dry is to have a roll of paper towel or even toilet paper in your bag.

How to Play better golf in the rain

Keep the towel dry inside the umbrella like this caddy here

The last piece of rain gear you need is waterproof rain gloves. Your grips will get a little damp no matter how well you keep them dry. Rain gloves actually perform better when they’re wet.

3) Adjust Your Mindset

When it rains it will be tougher to play bette. You first have to come to grips with this.

I’m not saying you will play bad but the conditions make the game harder then it already is. The first thing you need to do is adjust your mindset to start thinking this way.

If a wet grip caused the club to slip a bit during your swing, or if you hit a shot fat because the ground was wet, or if your putt didn’t make it to the hole because the green had some water on it making it slower, you have to accept that this stuff will happen because the course is wet.

Everyone else playing that day has to deal with the same elements and they will encounter the same stuff as you did. If you hanlde and accept these bad breaks, you will be ahead of the field. If you get upset and angry, you are not moving on and exerting too much energy on the past and stuff you have no control over.

4) Change Your expectations

Adjust your personal par and lower your expectations. A great tool for me when playing in the rain is to lower my expectations of how well I will play. Because it is raining and it will be tougher to play better, I set a higher then normal personal par for myself that day. This helps me when I make a bogey not to get discouraged because everyone else out there is going to have a hard time playing well.

5) Play less break when putting

I already mentioned the greens will be slower due to the rain. This means that you will have to play less break on the greens. Due to the moisture the greens will not roll out and break as much.

Conversly you will have to hit your putts harder to get them to the hole. A putt can’t go in unless you hit it atleast to the hole!

6) Adjust your strategy

Your strategy needs to change as well. I tend to play less aggressive in the rain and try to avoid making mistakes as much as I can. Sometimes bogeys are not that bad. Everyone else will be struggling because they haven’t the right mental game to play in the rain, or because they’re expectations are the same or they don’t have the proper rain gear. But now that you read this post and have changed your golf strategy, you will be well ahead of your playing competitors!

Now get out there and embrace the elements when it’s raining and have fun!


Todd Mahovlich

Todd is former PGA of Canda Golf Professional turned real estate agent in Victoria BC. When he's not selling homes he's out supporting his kids play sports or on the golf course.

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