3 Things You Can Instantly Learn From Rory McIlroy

by Jordan on September 4, 2012

Here’s what you can learn from Rory

That Rory McIlroy is pretty damn good.

His maturity level as a golfer is extremely high. He plays the game well beyond his age of 23.

For this reason alone I think he has a great shot and becoming better than Jack and Tiger.

But that discussion is for another day.

His win yesterday at the Deutsche Bank was impressive for a number of reasons.

I want to break down three reasons and what you can learn from them

Two deal with the mental game (suprise!) and the other with course management.

Watch this video for a tips from Rory McIlroy’s victory that you can implement into your game instantly.

Bonus Tip

There is something I didn’t mention.

Half way through the 3rd round when Louis went on his run of seven straight birdies, Rory was six shots back. Instead getting frustrated at what Louis was doing….

Hello birdies!

Rory focused on himself and his score.

This focus helped him close the gap to three shots before the round was over. Being only three shots back instead of six was huge!

Rory maintained focus on his game and cut into Louis’ lead

The thing you can learn from this focus on things you can control. Your swing and how you play are things you can control.

Another players score is something you cannot control. Rory knows this. That’s why he kept cool and didn’t let something out of his control phase him.

So next time an opponent makes a long putt or gets a good break, don’t let it phase you. You can’t control that outcome.

But you can control your own mindset.

What Do You Think?

What else do you like about Rory’s game and wish you could do?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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