Brandt Snedeker pulls a forgetful Jones to win Tour Championship

by Jordan on September 24, 2012

Screw Tiger Woods, you should aspire to be this guy!

Move over Ted Dibiase, there’s an 11 million dollar man in the house!

His name is Brandt Snedeker and he is golf’s best putter. This post will be on how to putt like Brandt. After all I’m a strong believer in stealing the traits from better players.

But first I want to dig deeper into his ridiculous putting performance and his mental game because I like to get mental here at Peerless Golf.

Three years ago we witnessed a brutal collapse.

It was on the 18th green at the 2009 BMW Championship.

Brandt Snedeker needed two putts from 18 feet or so to move onto the Tour Championship.

Here’s the grusome footage. This should seriously be R rated…

I told you! How many times have you done that? And how often do you think about it?

Despite that performance Brandt Snedeker proved this past weekend that your past is not you future. He was able to put that and his Open Championship weekend rounds of 74 & 75 behind him to win this past weekend.


Confidence, trust, commitment and his ability to transform into Forgetful Jones.

Forgetful Jones

Nice photoshop skills eh?!

Listen, you’re going to hit bad shots. The key is putting them behind you and hitting the next one with extreme confidence. So instead of thinking about bad shots, fill your mind with good shots.

Visualize the shot in your mind. Think about all those times you’ve pured a shot. Seeing and feeling a shot before hand in a positive manner are what all the PGA Tour pros do.

Now I’m not saying you’re going to hit magical shots all the time doing this. I’m not a magician and neither are you.

But I will say you’ll hit far better shots if you at least think about hitting the shot well.

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Enough with all this mental game stuff though. Time to learn from the game’s best putter.

How to Putt Like an 11 Million Dollar Man

Brandt proved it again. Putting is everything.

I’m not sure but after three rounds he didn’t miss a putt inside eight feet. And I know he only missed one from that range on Sunday.

Here’s a closer look at his putting stats from this past weekend.

Brandt Snedeker Putting Stats

This is what putting for $11. something million dollars looks like, sick stats!

Yes he hit the ball well but if he doesn’t convert on the greens, he’s just eye candy. Hitting the ball well doesn’t not always equate to lower scores. So stop spending countless hours on the range.

Instead spend 60% of your practice time on the putting green. I’d even suggest skipping a round a golf for 4-5 hours of putting practice. You’ll get so much more out of it.

Now that you’re going to spend more time on the putting green, here’s what you can learn from Brandt:

  • Spend less time over the ball. Brandt takes 2-3 practice strokes beside the ball but makes his stoke a second after resting the putter behind the ball. Doing this will allow your mind not think about line, speed and everything else. It will also speed up your play.

  • Find a stroke that matches your personality. Brandt plays fast and has a fairly quick swing. It makes sense that his putting stroke is shorter and faster. There’s no sense having a slower longer stroke if you’re always in hyper mode.

  • Be more aggressive of the greens. Think about how many putts you miss because you didn’t hit the ball to the hole. Instead hit the ball harder. In doing so play less break.

  • Visualize the ball going into the center of the hole. See this image play out when you line up your putts and when you’re taking your practice strokes. Yes, look at the hole when taking a practice stroke.

Now get on your putting green and putt your butt off!

What Do You Think?

Is there anyone how’s putting stroke and technique you try and copy?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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