Are custom fit golf clubs worth it? Hell yeah!

by Jordan on September 13, 2012

Custom club fitting lie angles

This will be the best $50 you’ve spent on your game

Imagine walking around in shoes three sizes to big.

Or driving a car with the pedals too far away.

You’d look pretty silly. And you wouldn’t be able to walk or drive your car very well. That’s why you buy shoes for your foot size and adjust your car seat to reach the pedals.

Why then do you play with golf clubs not suited towards your swing?

If you’re at all serious about your score and not playing custom fit clubs, you’re at a major disadvantage.

98% of golfers are playing with off the rack clubs. They’re at a disadvantage. But I don’t won’t you to be.

I played off the rack clubs for 12 years. That was until I saw the results after getting properly fit for my clubs.

So let me explain why getting clubs custom fit to your swing is one of the best things you can do for your game.

And I don’t care what type of player you are. You need to book a custom fitting.

Here are the four areas of where custom fitting plays a role.

Lie Angle

When you play with an off the shelf or stock set, you’re adjusting your swing to the clubs lie angle. This is flawed logic. What happens is you make compensations to fit the stock clubs.

So good shots are actually caused from poor swings. Conversely bad shots are caused from good swings.

You read that right.

You should be finding clubs that fit your natural swing. Finding the right lie angle is the most important component of club fitting.

To achieve the “dollar bill” divot and straighter shots, you must have the proper lie angle geared towards your swing.

These are the divots you’ll be making with proper lie angles

If your lie angles are too flat, the toe of your club will dig into the ground. This will cause the club face to open more at impact and for shots to leak to the right if you’re right handed.

Now if your lie angles are too upright, the heel of your club will dig into the ground. So the opposite will happen and balls will hook or turn to the left if you’re right handed.

Here’s an illustration.

A nice visual explanation


All clubs come off the rack with the same grip size. But we all don’t have the same hand size.

If your grips are too small, you’ll end up releasing the club faster through the impact zone. This will cause the club face to turn over which will result in large draws or hooks.

If the grip is too big, you’ll have trouble releasing the club through the impact zone. In this case the club face will not sqaure up at impact and be left open to the target. The end result would be pushes to slices for the right handed player.

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Shaft Length

We’re not all the same height. So once again it doesn’t make sense to play with stock clubs off the rack.

During my custom fitting days, I would rarely fit someone for clubs more than a half inch over or under standard length. But a half inch can make a big difference.

If your clubs are too short, you’ll be bending over more. If your clubs are too long, you’ll be standing up more. Both of these compensate your posture.

Again the goal with custom fitting golf clubs is to have them fit natural swing. You should not be making any compensations.

Shaft Flex & Kick point

If your shafts are too stiff, you’ll have a tougher time releasing the club. If this is the case, shots will miss to the right for righties and left for lefties.

I’m sure you understand that the opposite will happen if your swinging shafts that are too weak. You’ll be hitting shots to the left if you’re right handed.

Another issue with shaft flex is ball flight. There is a point in the shaft that helps get the ball in the air. If you aren’t hitting the ball high enough, you might need a weaker shaft with a lower kick point. This will help you get the ball in the air much easier.

If you hit it too high, a stiffer shaft and higher kick point will knock your ball flight down.

Shaft Weight

Perhaps your playing steel shafts right now. Since steel shafts are heavier, your swing speed might be lower. This will cause you to lose distance.

Switching to lighter steel or graphite shafts will help that. Or maybe your playing lightweight steel shafts and need heavier ones.

Costs & Where to get Fit

Costs for a fitting appointment range from $40-$80.

Every golf club or retail outlet provides custom fitting. If they don’t, they won’t be is business very long.

Taylor Made Golf Clubs – 118 Golf

Call around and see who does fittings. I strongly advise finding a facility that will fit you on a grass range rather than mat range. My reasoning is that mats falsely advertise your ball flight.

You don’t need new clubs to go through this process either. You can get fit and if the changes aren’t huge, the club or retailer should be able to adjust your current set.

If you require major changes, getting new clubs might be the best option.

Manufacturer Demo Days

Most manufacturers stage demo days at clubs. They come in with their latest offerings and setup shop on a range at a local club.

During this time you’ll be able to try out and possibly setup and custom fitting with them.

Click to learn more about Callaways demo days

If you have a favorite manufacturer, visit their website and find out about their demo days. Of you can call around to the courses to see if they have any demo days.

A quick note. I have seen people get custom fit for clubs and then buy them online at place like GolfBidder.

What do you think?

Are you playing with off the shelf stock clubs? Have I done enough to convince you why you’re at a disadvantage?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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