Male Golfers: 4 Reasons to Play from the Ladies tees

by Jordan on August 30, 2012

Don’t be shy fellas!

Here’s a simple way to lower golf scores. It requires you to switch things up.

And by switching it up, I mean sucking it up.

You see, playing the same course over and over isn’t the best for your game.


Because it becomes stale.

You know the holes too well, hit the same clubs off the tees and have the sightlines all figured out.

You’re too comfortable playing your home course. This isn’t a good thing. 

You need to be pushed outside your comfort zone.

I have a way to change that though. A way that will help you to lower golf scores.

The Away Game

In interclubs it’s common for members to struggle at their opponents course. The same for tournament golf.

When you get to a course that you’re not comfortable on, it’s easy to struggle. You’re unfamiliar with a lot of things. The yardages, the sightlines, the lies along with the speed and break of the greens. All these add up to high scores.

Now do you see why playing the same course over and over isn’t necessarily great for your game?

It’s not just golf. Look at any other sport. Many MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA teams play way better at home than on the road.

Outside of the top teams, they all had far better home than road records

And it all has to do with their comfort level.

That’s why playing the ladies tees will be good for your game and comfort level.

Don’t Be Shy Of the Red Tees

The ladies tees don’t have cooties!

Perhaps this was sparked by my last post on golf swing tempo and why males should swing like girls.

But it reminded me of when I was trying to become a better player. At my home course I would always try and vary what tee boxes I would play.

There’s no doubt this helped me become a scratch golfer within seven years. That’s why I suggest you do the same and vary up which tee boxes you play.

Here’s four reasons why.

#1 – Confidence Boost

Playing off shorter tees will lower your scores. This will in turn boost your confidence. 

Let’s say that you’re struggling to break 90. When you move up a few tee markers, you’ll be able to break 90 with ease. That’s going to have a huge impact on your confidence level.

All of a sudden you’ll be strutting around like you’re Kanye West after just doing this…

I’d be strutting for sure

Take this new found confidence and work your way back to the tees you normally play. Right away you’ll see an impact on the scorecard.

#2 – Enjoyment

It injects fun into the game.

Last year the PGA of America along with Adams Golf founder Barney Adams launched the Tee It Forward campaign. Part of the reason was to speed up play. But it was also to make the game slightly easier for enjoyment purposes.

All of a sudden you’ll be able to reach par 5’s in two, hit shorter irons into some par 4 greens and be able to carry bunkers or hazards that you’ve never carried.

I’m all for making the game more fun. This is one way I guarantee you’ll have more fun on the course.

And when more fun is had on the course, lower golf scores tend to follow you around like that dorky girl who had a crush on you back in Junior High.

#3 – Pushing Your Comfort Zone

When you play from different tees, you’ll put yourself into different positions on the course.

I’ve played in a lot of scrambles with players of all abilities. On the holes were my tee shot is used, my teammates always remark “I’ve never hit a shot from here before!”

That excitement turns to disappointment if they hit a poor shot. And they do hit a poor shots. The reason is because it’s a shot they’ve never faced. They’re uncomfortable about the yardage and the angle into the green.

I’m sure you’ve felt this way over shots you’ve never had at the course you frequent most. It can all be avoided though simply by playing different tees.

#4 – Different Course

You may belong to a club or play at the one you really like. Because of this you don’t get out and play other courses.

Not to worry!

Playing from different tees is like playing a different course. Each hole is a different yardage so you’re going to hit different clubs. This will spill over as you work your way to the green.

The angles will also change. A hole might be more or less of a dogleg than from the tees you normally play.

Overall the course will look and play different. All the way up to the green of course. But it’s a great way to add some variety into your game.

All these areas will help you to lower golf scores. So get out there and switch it up!

Adjust Your Personal Par

A quick note here.

If you’ve read all of my posts on personal par you’ll have to adjust your personal par for each holes.

A personal par is a par based on how you play a course or a hole. So instead of playing off the scorecards par (which is irrelevant anyways) you create your own par.

Learn more about personal par by clicking that link above. It’s a technique Tiger Woods used early on in his career.

I mean if Tiger does it, you should too! Except cheat on your wife with waffle house waitress!

Image courtesy xeeliz at Flickr

Unless of course you want to get a discount of waffles or something which I’m totally cool with.

What Do You Think?

Have you tried this before? If so, what are your results from different tee boxes?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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