The first step to consistent golf

by Jordan on August 2, 2012

Strive for consistency with this easy tip

Consistent golf.
It’s the holy grail of this crazy game.
We’ve all had those rounds were we can do no wrong. But then the next round it’s like Frank Abagnale stole our identity and golf swing.
A lot of things go into playing consistently. Practicing, playing with purpose and committing to a set plan are a few ways. But I can’t cover them all in one article. That’s why you should read some of the other articles on the site.
Unfortunately most golfers aren’t doing these things. They’ll head to the driving range and work on nothing in particular. They’ll play round after round without a plan. They don’t set out a plan. They’re wasting they’re time and doing more harm than good.
And that’s why most golfers hope to get better.
Notice I said hope. Endlessly hoping to get better is not the way to do it.
Today’s post is one the easiest way to start playing consistent golf. It’s really easy. You don’t have to change much at all. Read on to learn this easy tip.


Play The Same Golf Ball

I know you’re thinking this is silly. Hear me out though. All the tour Pro’s and low handicappers around your club play the same ball. They know how important consistency is. I’ve talked about why stealing the traits of good golfers is important.
Playing the same golf ball no matter what type of golfer you are helps. Here are two cases where playing and practicing with the same ball will help your game.
Click play on this video to hear me out or read below.



When you play the same ball you get to know how the ball spins. Around the greens this is so important.
You’re amazed when you see the Pro’s on TV hit the low spinning chip shot. The main reason they can pull that shot off is their golf ball. They’ve played and practiced with that same ball over and over again. Therefore they know how it’ll react each time.
You may be not be able to hit the low spinner we see the Pro’s hit. That’s not that point. The point is that when you play and with the same ball, you’ll know how much it spins every time. Not only around the greens but off the tee and approach shots. The Pro’s are able to hit that shot because they know how they’re golf ball will react. If they played a different ball during the round, they’d be clueless.
The fact is that all the different lines of golf balls don’t act the same. Taylor Made’s Penta and Titleist’s Pro V1 don’t spin the same. Whatever ball spins more can help or hurt you.
Off the tee if a ball spins too much, it might go offline further. So playing with a different ball time and time again will hurt any chance of consistent results on well hit shots. However the key is to hit the ball well. If you’re not hitting it well enough, it doesn’t matter what ball you play.
So with one ball a shot may spin a tad to left but with another ball that spins more, it’ll fly further to the left. We all know in golf a few yards offline can mean added shots to your scorecard.
By playing the same ball you’ll know how much it spins. Whether it’s off the tee or around the greens, knowing how the ball will spin off the face will help.

Distance Control

Each balls fly’s different distances.
Let’s say you normally hit a 7 iron 140 yards when you hit it well. Depending on what ball you play, you could see a variance of 5-10 yards either way.
So a ball that doesn’t fly very far might only carry 132 with that 7 iron. Conversely if you use a distance ball that 7 iron might carry 148.
That’s a 16 yard difference. A difference that could mean short in the water or over the green in the back bunker. We all know what that means. High scores.
Your distance control will get much better if you play the same ball.
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Keep It The Same

Playing with the same golf ball is like driving the same car every day. You get used to it. The feel of the brakes. How it handles. The sightlines. Where the mirrors are set.
Driving 4 different cars to work on the same day would feel weird. You’d have to adjust mirrors, get used to how the brakes reacted, how it handle corners. Now of course you would make those adjustments. It takes a little time but not much.
The point is that you shouldn’t have to make those adjustments in the first place. If you have one car, you’re not always switching trying to get comfortable.
The same goes for what golf ball you play. Play the same ball and learn how that ball reacts on every shot you hit.
It’s not groundbreaking stuff. But this is just the first step to becoming a more consistent golfer.

What Do You Think?

Do you play the same golf ball? If not, do you think it matters?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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