What else is there to do in Scotland besides golf?

by Jordan on November 13, 2011

Whiskey and Scotland…a match made and heaven!

What else is there to do in Scotland besides play amazing golf courses and go on distillery tours?!
It’s a good thing we at Peerless Golf do both!
Scotland – It’s All About the Whiskey!

Scotland is renowned for its fine whiskey. Scotch whiskey has become one of the country’s major tourist draws and one of its top industries. This silky smooth drink, distilled from traditional malts and treasured water sources, brings delight and surprise to casual drinkers and to those who have already discovered its wonders. Travel to the many distilleries on Scottish whiskey trails and gain insight into the fascinating realm of whiskey. Find out how these distilleries use peat, yeast, water and barley to create the distinctive smell, color, texture and taste of fine Scotch whiskey.
Many of the whiskey distilleries in Scotland can only be visited through advance booking. You can either create your own whiskey tour or join an organized whiskey tour. Here is a list of whiskey trails in Scotland.
Aberdeen & the Grampian Highlands
A tradition of Scottish whiskey making can be found in the Grampian Highlands – particularly in the Spayside area. Situated in the same area is the remarkable Malt Whiskey trail where you will find eight distilleries, each with their own special features.
Edinburgh and Lothian
The Scottish Whiskey Heritage Centre is located in the city of Edinburgh. Come here to see how a whiskey is made from start to finish. The center, with its informative and interactive displays, provides entertainment and fun for the entire family. The Glenkinchie Distillery can be found in the West Lothian area.
In Perthshire you will find the an assortment of the oldest and the smallest distilleries in Scotland. Taste their malt and discover the stories behind the famous Dewar’s, Edradour, Grouse, and Bell’s whiskies.
Angus and Dundee
The whiskey’s beautiful amber color makes a good reminder of the beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and calm glens of Angus and Dundee.
Experience a warm drink in a customary Scottish setting in the highlands of Scotland. Despite the sparseness of settlements in the area, some of its great distilleries are definitely worth viewing.
Isle of Skye
Just above the highlands, the Talisker Distillery is situated in Carbost, Isle of Skye. It is open daily, but the the distillery’s whiskey tours are planned in advance through appointment only.
Oban and Cambeltown are the main whiskey producing areas in Argyll. Cambeltown was once known as the “Whiskey Capital of the World”.
Glasgow and Clyde Valley
Not far from Glasgow, the 200 year old Glengoyne Distillery is located in a forested valley near a river. For first timers, it is a good place to start a whiskey tour as it produces whiskies which have a subtle taste that newcomers can easily appreciate.
The Highland Park Distillery in Orkney is one of the distilleries in Scotland that malts its own barley. Visitors will find it enjoyable to learn and view the entire distillery process.
The Isles of Islay and Jura
These areas produce whiskies with a distinctive taste that may not be appealing to all taste buds. The use of peat in malt kilns on a larger scale compared to anywhere else is the cause of this flavor change.
Whatever your reason for coming to Scotland, a whiskey tour is definitely an experience not to be missed. And if you don’t have time to spend on a lengthy tour, make sure to head down to the local pub whether they’ll be sure to have a whiskey or two on hand for your tasting pleasure.
Author Bio: Olivia Bennet is an avid traveler and writer. She lives in the UK and works for Wink Bingo.
Thanks to Olivia for her great post. Learn more about our Scotland Golf tour here where I accompany you to help you with travel plans and your golf game.
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