Becoming more balanced during your swing has never been so easy

by Jordan on September 30, 2011

Try this breathing exercise before your round to become more balanced

Could it be that losing balance in the golf swing is tied to your breathing?

You bet!

There is a really simple exercise you can do to become more balanced.

It’s something you can do before the round or during if you feel un-balanced.

Keep reading and I’ll explain this simple exercise.

Technical Difficulties

You might be looking for a technical tip. But that’s not what today’s article is about.

It actually ties into the picture at the top. You know the one where the woman looks like she’s making a silly face to her children.

Today’s article comes from a very good friend of mine, Brad Morris (or BradiDude) from Cowabunga Life and is great for those who are losing balance in the golf swing.

The Cowabunga Life mantra is to assist people in becoming awakened to their inner selves through various fun ways. This is essentially the same vision that I have for golfers.

A couple days ago Brad and I talked about the importance of breathing on the course.I have mentioned how to do so under pressure.  But this bit from his book takes it to a whole different level.


Meditation 2: The Balancing Breath

An unbalanced swing is a recipe for disaster. The reason one loses balance is because they’re either out of sync. With the flow, also known as tempo or they are ungrounded and out of balance internally. This breathing technique, known as

Alternate Nostril Breathing, produces optimum function to both sides of the brain: it basically helps you to balance the logical and creative minds. This breath will not just balance the body but it will also help to stop over thinking so that you can step up and swing freely. Yogis consider this to be the best technique to calm the mind and the nervous system, and we all know how tough it is to hit with a busy mind and nervous body.


• Sit quietly in comfortable space…close your eyes.

• Hover your right thumb over your right nostril and your right ring finger over your left


• Inhale through the left nostril, closing the right with the thumb, to the count of five.

• Hold the breath, closing both nostrils, to the count of five.

Exhale through the right nostril, closing the left with the ring finger, to the count of five.

Switch sides:

• Inhale through the right nostril, keeping the left nostril closed with the ring finger to the

count of five.

• Hold the breath, closing both nostrils, to the count of five.

• Exhale through the left nostril, closing the right with the ring finger, to the count of five.

• Repeat this process 5 more times, increasing the length of each inhale and exhale by

one second.

• To finish, hold the breath, closing both nostrils, to the count of sixteen.

• Take a few more deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhale through your


• Sit in silence,. Observe the peace and energy flowing through your body.

NOTE: It is important to breathe fully by inhaling all the way into the bottom of the

diaphragm, filling the lungs as much as possible.

Simplified Version:

In Left Nostril — Hold at Top — Out Right Nostril — Hold

In Right Nostril — Hold at Top — Out Left Nostril — Hold

I have tried this and it works really well. It brought me into the present moment and freed my mind of negative thoughts.

Try this at home at first. When you wake up is a great start. Once you see how well it works in your daily life, you will no doubt want to incorporate into your pre shot routinepre tournament or round preparation as well as any situation where you feel any pressure.

Until next time, become more balanced on and of the course using this alternate nostril breathing technique!

Thanks again to Brad for allowing me to use this from his book.

If you liked this post then you should totally check out his site Cowabunga Life for more of his content and meditations.

Post a comment and let us know what you think.


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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