Start to lower the amount of three putts you take

by Jordan on September 17, 2011

Minimize your three putts today

When you can hit the ball a combined 400 yards or more in three shots but when you take three putts from 40 feet, it sucks doesn’t it?
Three putting less is something you’d like to do, isn’t it?
If you want to learn how to stop three putting in golf then read on!

A great drill you can do on a practice green is to drop 3 balls from a distance of 25 feet and longer.  Start at 25 feet and continue to stretch the distance out and don’t be afraid to his putts from 55+ feet.  Stroke all three balls from the same distance but only look at the hole after your first putt.  For the second and third putts you’re not allowed to look at the hole.  Doing this will help you to concentrate a lot more on your stroke and hitting the putt solidly.  This will also help you develop better feel on the greens because by not looking at the hole, you have to rely of your instincts and how far you are hitting the ball by gauging the length of the stroke.
As much as I preach the short game and focus on it in my own game, I haven’t talked much about how to save strokes on the greens.  It’s crazy to think that close to half of your strokes are taken on the greens.
Most three putts begin with a poor approach putt.  The approach putt is important because you need to get it as close as possible so you can make the next one.  It’s much easier trying to make a putt from 5 feet then it is from 8 feet.  That’s pretty easy to understand so focus on getting that approach putt closer to the hole.
When you get on the green it comes down to making solid contact with the ball and your feel of how hard to hit the putt.  If a putt is hit poorly it can come up well short of the hole which leads to longer second putts.  This obviously hurts your chances of successfully two putting so focus on solid contact and feel by doing this putting drill.
I mentioned in my last post that you must stay patient and put in some action.  Without those two things you will not begin to two putt more greens.  Just because you aware of what causes three putts doesn’t mean that you will automatically two putt more. Action is needed on your behalf so get out and practice. Once you practice you will begin to see progress towards better lag putting on greens but don’t expect to not three putt at all, i’m not a miracle worker!
For today I switched things up to talk about how to improve your lag putting so that you can generate better feel on the greens.  I’m sure you want to eliminate some of those costly three putts, don’t you?  Of course of you would!  Who wouldn’t?  To be honest, I’ve never met someone who doesn’t want to shoot lower scores, have you?
If you’ve been following this blog you’ll have noticed by now that the majority of the tips I provided are all on mental game.  Why is that?  I strongly believe the mental game is the most efficient way to lower scores.  What I mean is that you don’t have to buy new clubs, take lessons or hit balls.  Those three things are what the manufactures and mainstream golf media continues to say you need.  Although lessons and clubs properly fit to your body and swing can help, they don’t repair or change the negative thoughts and mindset that you have on the course and towards yourself.  If you do struggle with the mental game then read the rest of my blog posts on coaching.
For today though I took a look at one other area that I feel you can improve on and in turn shoot lower scores more efficiently.  That area is the short game and more specifically lag putting.
Until next time, work on this drill for more two putts!


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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