Golfers Should be Aware of Identity Theft

by Jordan on August 12, 2011

Photo courtesy of Dan HankinsI want you to learn how to play better golf.

I want you to learn how to play better golf.

One way to do that is to steal the traits from better players.

It worked well for me.

Growing up I only took two lessons.

But become a stratch golfer within seven years.

The main reason was because I did exactly what I’m going to tell you.

Read on to learn what players you should be playing with and what to steal from their games.

Ditch Your Regular Foursome

Start finding good players at the course you play with for the best results.

That means you’ll have to ditch your chums for a few weeks. They’ll probably be pissed. And they’ll be really pissed of once you start taking money off them by applying the lessons in this article.

Playing well does come at a price. But I’m sure you’ll be fine with these outcomes and your friends will be asking just how you beat them!

So go in and ask the pro shop if some of the better players have room for you to join them. You can also befriend these players and talk to them on the range or putting green.

Like any relationship though, don’t come on to strong! State to them you want to get better and that you think they can help you. Trust me, they’ll be flattered and invite you out for a few rounds.

Instant Confidence Boost

I found that just by playing with better players I instantly began to ingrain the thoughts, feelings and actions of what it’s like to be a better player. It will was like Five Hour Energy but a boost for the confidence.

The same will happen to you.

Your subconscious mind will believe you are a better player and allow your confidence to skyrocket in the process! No longer will you get down on yourself. Why? Because good players don’t get down on themselves.

A Quick Sidetrack

In between talking about positive affirmations and setting out SMART goals, I came across Dexter and his blog.

Dexter has been tracking his progress of becoming a better players through a blog. This post on his goals inspired me to ask him what else he does to achieve his goals.

Check out his post and follow up answer to my question.

First off nothing sounds wacky at all about his goals and how he goes’s about achieving them. Simply having goals isn’t enough.

When using the term affirmation I refer to stuff like visualizing, (which he mentioned) writing down and reciting your goals and having something like a concrete image to look at and remind you of your goal(s).

Back To Stealing Traits

I do want to tie today’s post in with these two comments he made.

“I began to act like a single digit handicap.”

“I began to do things that would get me there. Paying more attention to how the pros play the game. I really take note of what they do in certain situation and then when I’m out in a similar situation, I try and mimic the action.”

When I was growing up I relished any chance I could get to play with better players. I wanted to see how they acted and played the game not unlike what Dexter talked about above. This is important for anyone wanting to know how to play better golf.

What You Should Watch For

Start playing with and paying closer attention to better players. Do the same when watching the professionals on television. Everything from how they walk down the fairway to their pre shot routine and how they handle their emotions so well.

It could be what type of chips shots they play around the greens. How they read their putts. What clubs they hit off tees. What they do when play recover shots from bad positions.

Analyze and study everything you can from these better players and start applying them to your own game.

All you need to do is focus and become more aware of just what it is their doing.

What Do You Think?

Do you really watch golf and TV and look for things you can implement into your own game?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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