Start visualization on the course for positive reaffirmation

by Jordan on July 25, 2011

Learn how to visualize on the course


It’s a term uttered often in golf.

Whether it’s a telecast of an event or from a playing partner.

But it’s mentioned for good reason.

Every top athlete and golfer uses it.

Race car drivers visulize the course before. Although that’s not hard to since they only make left turns!

Downhill skiers visulize their runs.

And golfers visulize their shots and positive outcomes.

But how can you develop the skills needed for visulization?

Read on and I’ll explain that’s it’s easier than you might think.

What Visulization Is

Here are the main requirements:

  1. Imagination – Close your eyes if you have to and imagine that shot flying off into the distance. You can also picture yourself playing a great round of golf the day before.
  2. Creativity – Spare no details when seeing the shot you want to hit.
  3. Concentration – Focus on the golf course. Block everything out and put yourself in the moment of hitting that shot and seeing it soar towards your intended target.
  4. Practice – Practice visualizing no matter where you are. Imagine yourself playing your favorite hole or course at work, a stoplight, in the shower or right before bed.
  5. Discipline – Stick with it and if you can do this one of out every four shots to begin, you’re doing awesome! Aim to bump that up to every three in four shots.

There really is other way to develop this skill.  But Nick Faldo has a good suggestion on how to start.

Take Nick Faldo’s Advice

Many people hate Sir Nick but I enjoy hearing his insights. He’s a six time major champion that played golf the Peerless way. So any time he speaks, I listen and record and good tidbits.

Here’s what he suggests to do.

Chipping is infact a great way to begin. You could even say that reading the green is visulizing. After all you have to read the breaks.

Where To Use Visulization

It can be use before the round when you get to the course and even the night before a your round or tournament.

Those suggestions work as you visulize an entire round. But what about invidual shots?

You’ll notice that when you watch the pro’s on TV or any other good golfer that they stand behind their ball. This is known as their pre shot routine.

Their not just standing behind their ball waiting for the group to clear. They’re visulizing the shot they want to hit.

This applies for putts, chips, drives, irons. Doesn’t matter!

Whatever shot you have to want to see it being executed in a postive manner. 

Touch On Other Senses

Not only do I want you to see the shot but feel and hear it as well.

What does the ball feel and sound like coming off the face?

Touching on the other senses will help to promote more positive thoughts in your mind. I strongly believe that golf is as much about preparation as it is about execution. You can better prepare youself by seeing, feeling and hearing positive golf shots being struck.

A Testimonial

My first dose of using visualization came when I was at a high performance camp as a junior.

We were taught to use it while putting. As we lined up our putts we were asked to “see” the line and see the ball falling into the hole on that line.

We were also taught to stand over our ball and visualize our ball rolling from where it stood all the way to the hole and see it disappear over the front edge. This worked really well for me at the time and still does to this day.

It is nothing more than having a positive reaffirmation and controlling your mind which is what Peerless Golf is all about!

What Do You Think?

How you ever visulized a positive outcome before and had it come to fruition?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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