Conserve energy when golfing

by Jordan on July 16, 2011

Conserve more energy by walking and staying balanced

The other day I stumbled across this post over at Into the Rough.

It’s about Touring Professionals and how they walk.

This prompted me to think about the importance of how to conserve energy when golfing.

Many golfers think that golf isn’t a tiring sport but when you walk 18 holes and swing the club upwards of 1oo times, it’s easy to understand that one can get tired on the course.

Outside of eating healthy foods that contain energy, what else can you do?

Read on and I’ll explain that how you walk stand effects your energy level. 

Walk Like Tour Pro

I’ve aleady talked about why it’s important to steal the traits of better players. Today’s article talks about the same thing.

Since the artticle over at into the rough is short I’ll post it below.

Ever watch the pro golfers on TV and how they walk? If so, you’ll notice they are fluid, balanced and in rhythm.


It’s because they’re trying to go through the whole round in balance. They don’t want a herky-jerky walk, which may cause a herky-jerky swing. Their swing pace begins with their walking pace.

Nobody is laboring or trudging as they walk.

A point could be made that each golfer is setting up their shot hundreds of yards down the fairway as they establish a graceful rhythm with a graceful walking pace, and maintain that pace right through their shots. Then they walk calmly to the next hole, and do it again.

Smooth walking pace. Smooth shots. Something to think about”

Although I am not a big fan of starting to think about the shot ahead from 100 yards out, everything else said has value and truth to conserving energy on the course.

By walking fluid and balanced, you are using very little energy and almost gliding along the golf course as you walk. This will help as you can now use that energy in other areas, like the mental game. As we become tired on the golf course, we tend to make bad mental errors.

Watching How You Stand

Conserving energy when golfinf can also be applied to how we stand on the golf course.

The typical pose for golfers is to lean on a golf club with our legs crossed.

This isn’t great for our bodies balance as we’re putting a lot weight on one side and messing with our balance. Caring for your body is something we need to do but often don’t focus enough on it.

So instead of standing like this waiting for your next shot…..

Don’t be like Tiger inthis regard.(Photo courtesy Golfweek)

Stand up straighter with better posture like this

Not nagging but stand up straight Like Louis!! (Photo courtesy Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Be Conscious

If you take a second and pull yourself outside your body (look into the mirror without a mirror if that makes any sense!), you can catch yourself walking with heavy steps or leaning on your putter.

This is simply being aware of how you are treating your body during a round of golf. You may think that this doesn’t do much harm. But it does throwoff your balance and exert more energy than you need.

Just a quick post today but something I want you to watch for next time you play. Much like how I talked about being a watcher of your thoughts in my last post, I want you to be the watcher of how you are walking and standing on the course.

Becoming more aware of how you are standing and correcting your walking stride will help you in the long term with better health and less pain.

Watch Your Posture Off The Course

You can also use this to be more aware of how you are sitting or standing in your day to day activities. At work I tend to slouch after 20 minutes of sitting at the computer. I have caught onto this by being more aware of my posture and balance more often throughout the day.  It’s almost like having a voice inside your head as a reminder.

Focus on these easy tips I talked about and I you will no doubt feel better and have more energy on the course!

What Do You Think?

So how do you walk on the course or stand waiting? Do you find yourself losing energy at any point during the round?


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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