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by Jordan on June 5, 2011

Practice in Golf

Learn this easy tip to getting more out of your practice sessions

It’s frustrating for me.

Every time I go to the range or short game areas to see people practicing without a purpose.

Blasting away ball after ball hoping to train that muscle memory so they can consistently hit solid shots.

It’s crazy how many golfers actually continue to practice this way and still fail to get better.  If it’s not working, why wouldn’t you fix or change it?!

Read on to learn a few tips to change this now!

You need to ask yourself this same question.  If your spending lots of time practicing, but your scores aren’t getting any better, it’s time to wake up and try something new!

Learning how to practice golf at the driving range is really easy.

My frustration level is to the point now where I want to flat out call all the golfers out the range who do this.  In a fear of coming off like an a**hole I hold back!  I’m not going to call people out on the range right to their face so the next best place is to do it over the internet!

The time has come for me to share some tips on how you can easily improve your scores.  I’ve always felt that the majority of golf tips that come from your playing partners, golf magazines and golf broadcasts are far too technical and won’t help many golfers.

This is where I feel the need to look outside the box and share more than a few easy ways to lower your scores without having to look like a golfer desperately searching for something on the range trying the latest tip from (insert big name golf instructor here).  You can spot this golfer a mile away.  They most likely have a few goofy training aids at their side and all the latest equipment in their bag yet you know and they know when you look at them, they have no idea what’s going on!

Todays first golf tip came to from getting ready for a tournament a couple of weekends ago.  It certainly helped me play better and provided that competitive spirit needed to compete.


Jordan J. Caron is a former Canadian PGA Class A member who still wants to help golfers shoot better scores. He is also the President of Meaningful Marketing. In his downtime he likes to read, play squash and drink wine.

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